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Most people hardly know the French brand Roger Vivier shoes are from the forefront of the piece of metal which the deduction begins. In the 1960s, Roger Vivier shoe division of French actress Catherine Deneuve has designed a special shoe, and her fame as "Belle du Jour" named after his 一?large long in the toe decorated forefront square-shaped buckle, revolutionized the traditional shoe design, balenciaga arena sneakers huge metal buckle not only look elegant, but also to play a dotting shoe role in clothing with the launch later on appear frequently in large star's feet, and soon the world range has been well received, this deduction has become a brand symbol of eternity.

Roger Viver square buckle thick heels, black patent leather to highlight its noble quality, matched with classic BELLE VIVIER silver square buckle for shoes making a lot of charm. Thick with the heel design, relaxed and quiet, balenciaga sneakers men for access to a variety of occasions, whether it is with business wear, casual wear or dress, can highlight the elegant and generous temperament.

Brand abreast of fashion trends, in addition to the introduction of new colors every year, also launched in the United States was not party objects rhinestone square buckle, and shoes material from silk, suede, patent leather to suede, the continuation of the classic at the same time, buy balenciaga increasingly the more diversified.

In the movie "The Devil Wears Prada," there are lines like this one: "From the first time you put on a pair of Jimmy Choo start, you sold your soul." Graceful lines, sexy details, it seems just wear a pair of Jimmy Choo, you can become the most seductive goddess. It was undoubtedly the most famous Jimmy Choo heels 4 inches, 4 inches he thought was a balanced level, both balenciaga arena sneakers men to maintain the beauty, but not because of too high and affect people's foot health.

Diana also its loyal customers, seven years to double to about 100 customized Jimmy Choo. It is also the highest frequency of high-heeled shoes on the red carpet appearance, some statistics before, at the 2003 Academy Awards, the first occurrence of the 45 pairs of Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo's this presents the perfect curve of the legs thin black suede pointed high heels, shoe called balenciaga online shop indispensable classic style. It is not only soft and comfortable material, line design is extremely smooth, simple and ultra-fine tip with bright surface, filling elegance. Whether in the office or partying occasion, it was given to each of your shapes are stylish and elegant temperament.

Much-loved glittery fabric interspersed with butter soft suede velvet, embellished with Swarovski crystals; inherently created for the red carpet. Nude color soft velvet suede strap with subtle geometry surrounded balenciaga arena suede haunted, extending from Swarovski crystal encrusted toe to heel. Flaunt their high precision handmade attractive and sexy soul. Enchanting but yet elegant.