Plastic dinnerware is widely used

Commonly used plastic tableware is basically made of polyethylene and polypropylene. This is a non-toxic plastic approved by the health authorities of most countries. Sugar boxes, tea trays, rice bowls, cold water bottles, and baby bottles on the market are all such plastics. However, polyvinyl chloride, which is similar in molecular structure to polyethylene, is a dangerous molecule. A rare hemangioma of the liver has been found, and it is almost related to people who frequently come into contact with polyvinyl chloride. Therefore, when using plastic products, we must pay attention to what is its raw material? When there is no product manual on hand, the following methods can be used to identify: Any plastic product that feels smooth to touch, flammable in case of fire, and has yellow flames and paraffin wax when burned, is non-toxic polyethylene or polypropylene. The plastic that feels sticky, feels flame-inflammable, burns green, wholesale plastic plastic and smells like nose is polyvinyl chloride. Do not make food containers. Do not choose colorful plastic tableware, according to testing, some plastic utensils in the color pattern of lead, cadmium and other heavy metal element release exceeded. So try to choose no decorative patterns and colorless and tasteless. Therefore, the plastic products that can be used for food contact for a long time in the world through international certification include PP and PC materials, and the production of such tableware and the like of wholesale plastic dinnerware are mostly in China and have relatively good technical production. Because it is easy to produce, practical, and cost-effective, so wholesale plastic dinnerware suppliers And wholesale plastic kitchenware

It is the most popular type of tableware at all.

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